Tandem Logistics’ truckload service ensures goods consistently arrive at their destination on time and provides proactive communication every step of the way. This makes it painless to manage volumes of freight shipments while serving your customers with pride and confidence.


Working with Tandem is simple, thanks to our passionate people, sound processes and advanced technology.


Tandem’s well-developed network of truckload capacity stems from sixteen years of nurtured partnerships with independent truckers and small fleets across Texas, and allows us to offer our customers dense capacity at rates not typically found through other channels.


If you need to ship less than a truckload worth of goods inside Texas or to nearly any other location in the U.S., Mexico or Canada, turn to Tandem Logistics. With industry-leading customer service and unparalleled dedication to on-time pick-up and delivery, Tandem makes it simple to organize your shipping needs.


Tandem unifies the patchwork of small shipping organizations spread across the nation and provides your organization with a streamlined shipping solution for less-than-truckload amounts.


Organizing long-distance shipping can be a time-consuming process, and the final result can be expensive. Tandem Logistics solves both problems. Tandem experts have the industry experience necessary to quickly identify your needs, and they are able to negotiate for the best price using Tandem’s high volume of LTL shipments.


Intermodal shipping offers unparalleled flexibility, and Tandem has nurtured relationships with rail providers and trucking services for over 16 years. This allows us to take full advantage of intermodal routes throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada.


With highly-adaptive scheduling options for door-to-door, door-to-ramp and ramp-to-ramp pickup and delivery, and the ability to ship items via TOFC or COFC, Tandem makes it simple to consistently get your goods to their destinations on time.


Your goods can travel in either 20 and 40 foot marine containers or 48 and 53 foot rail double-stack containers. No matter what service you choose from Tandem, you can expect excellent service and an unmatched attention to the details that results in a flawless intermodal shipping experience.


In today’s challenging business climate leveraging supply-chain costs have never been more important. With transportation expense on the rise, logistics stakeholders are asking…


How can we more effectively leveraging our transportation spend?
How are rising costs affecting our bottom line or competitive position?
Do we have proper metrics for measuring performance?
Do we have the right processes in place?
Can measurable improvement be achieved without radical change and costs?


Tandem-connect helps solve these and other challenges by combining industry best-practices in transportation spend management with advanced, cloud-based, procurement technology that produces rapid bottom line savings, streamline processes and ongoing improvements.