The word “tandem” represents two or more things working together toward a common goal. Tandem Logistics provides comprehensive logistics services for your business’ transportation needs, and coordinates a variety of shipping services to provide you and your customers with a seamless experience that delivers your wares consistently on time at economical prices.


The ground shipping industry is fragmented, and it can be difficult for a company with high volume needs to find a single carrier who can handle all of their shipments. Since 1998, Tandem has been developing relationships with trucking and rail providers, and these nurtured partnerships facilitate open communication and volume pricing that makes your shipping experience painless.


We supply your organization with the capacity it needs and eliminate the hassle of working with independent companies. We will handle all communication and keep you informed of drivers’ whereabouts throughout a shipment’s journey. Your company can serve customers with confidence and rest assured that shipments will reach their destinations safely.


Whether your goods are traveling within Texas or need to reach other locations in the U.S., Mexico and Canada, Tandem has the service you need. Several modes of truck transport and intermodal options ensure you will find the ideal choice for your goods and budget.